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You are not obliged to inform your insurance company of a driving offense.  The exception is if you are asked this question specifically at any time by your present insurance company or a new insurance company.  You are obliged to tell the truth in this matter when asked. If you have been convicted of a driving offence, it is the responsibility of the court to add this conviction to your driver profile, sometimes called a driver abstract.  Usually, your insurance company becomes aware of the change to your profile at the time of policy renewal and may increase your premiums based on the offence. This includes criminal convictions or moving violations that affect the safety or demerits associated with your driver profile.  It is important to note that some Provinces remove points from your clean driving record and some provinces add points, but either way these will affect your premiums at renewal. But, unless you want your premiums to increase immediately, it’s best to allow the insurance company to make the decision based on the public records.

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