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  • If your flight is cancelled, you're due a refund on any parts of your booking you haven't used.
  • Your airline should either arrange for you to fly on an alternative flight or refund your ticket and issue a return flight if you're stranded abroad. The refund is for any used part of your ticket – as well as any connecting flight you've already been on as part of this trip!
  • It's up to you as to when you fly on an alternative flight – if you want to hold off and fly later, you can. You can either be booked onto the next flight available with the same airline or, if another airline is departing earlier, you may be booked onto their flight.
  • Airlines normally have two days to book you onto a new flight. If they don't and you've made an effort to talk to them about it, you could consider booking your own flight – as long as it's equivalent to the cancelled one. You're not allowed to upgrade yourself to First Class and have the airline pay, unfortunately!
  • If you weren't give at least two week's notice of the cancellation (or one week if the airline can arrange an alternative flight that doesn't cause over a four hour delay), you're also due some compensation depending on the length of the flight.
  • If the cancellation results in a delay of less than two hours, the airline can give you less than a week's notice and doesn't have to pay out compensation.
  • If the cancellation was caused by extraordinary circumstances (outside of the airline's control), the airline doesn't have to pay out compensation.
  • If the cancellation means you have to get a hotel, taxi (or other form of transportation), or pay for food, you may be able to claim this back from the airline!

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