A Look Back At Christmas Spirit

Festive cheer

Did you spend your Christmas complaining? You weren't alone!


Is it possible that we really take the sentiment of all those Christmas carols to heart? Is there truly more “peace on earth, goodwill toward men” during the holiday season? Less squawking while we hang our stocking? Some very interesting MyResolver data from the U.K. operation appears to support the hypothesis that we are a more joyful, contented people during Christmas. Let’s delve into the numbers, shall we?

What Do The Numbers Tell Us?

Overall, our data shows that we are 30% less likely to complain during the holidays than other times of the year. At no other time of the year do we see this kind of drop in complaints in general so there must be something about the season that makes us more tolerant and more forgiving. When you break this down in various specific areas, we get an even cheerier picture of the influence of Christmas. For instance, there is a startling 74% decrease in complaints about payday loans and we see a 67% decrease in complaints to a court. Could this be that we are feeling more grateful for what we have and that we practice greater forbearance during Christmas? Quite possibly.

It seems that our goodwill even extends to some of our greatest sources of frustration and contempt. Surprisingly, we are 60% less likely to complain about a missed parcel delivery during the holidays than at other times of the year. And when it comes to seeking redress concerning ticket sales to an event, we see a decrease of 59% fewer complaints lodged. We can report a 55% decrease in complaints regarding energy suppliers such as our gas and electric companies and a 51% lower volume in parking complaints.

Alas, there are however some areas where we complain more during the holidays. These are areas that all see a big increase in business during this time, so perhaps it’s not so surprising. We are more likely to have complaints about dining out and visiting cinemas and tourist attractions during the season. And it appears that while on-line shopping complaints fall off immediately after Christmas, our in-store shopping complaints remain fairly steady as we’re out taking advantage of the many post-holiday sales.

New Year, New Complaints

So, how long does all this peace and goodwill last? Apparently that all gets packed up with the plastic mistletoe or thrown out with the now bare Christmas tree. There is a 29% increase in complaints immediately following the Advent season, as we return to pre-Christmas complaint levels. Come New Year, ‘old acquaintances may be forgot’, but we’re complaining about some of our new ones already. Grievances with gyms and health clubs increase in the New Year as do beefs with some financial products and services. And it’s clear we’re done shopping because there is a significant decrease in complaints regarding in-store shopping, vouchers and gift cards.

What does all this mean? Well, the optimist may say it is indeed the spirit of the season that tames our propensity for complaints and fosters a greater sense of forgiveness of tolerance with the businesses we’re dealing with on a near daily basis. God Rest Ye, Merry Gentleman and all that. The cynic on the other hand may posit that we’re simply using some services less or are too busy with the hustle and bustle of the season to lodge our complaints and opt instead to deal with them after the holidays. However you choose to see it, you can always be assured that at any time of the year and regarding any complaint you may have, MyResolver should be the first place to turn to when you are looking to file a complaint. We’re fast and easy to use and we’ll help you get results. Plus we’re always free to use, and you sure can’t complain about that!

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