MyResolver News Round-up – A Lot Of This News Stinks!

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In search of fresh air!


We couldn’t help but notice in this week’s news there were a lot of stories that, well… they just stink. Whether new luggage fees or flu vaccine shortages there is something clearly odious about this installment of our Round-up. They say that February is the Tuesday of the Year. That may be true; nothing interesting ever happens on a Tuesday. Except tomorrow, when MyResolver officially launches. And that will finally be a breath of fresh air for Canadians!

Westjet – An Airline or a Forex Trader?

This story stinks in so many ways. Trading on the low Canadian dollar, Westjet is declaring that fees for baggage for flights originating in the US or Mexico will be levied in US dollars! This is quite unlike how they treat baggage fees from Europe so how else can we view this except as cash grab at the expense of Canadians? As if we don’t already pay high fees for baggage! Something tells us, we’ll be hearing more about this story.

Westjet Cashing In On US Dollar Exchange Rates

The Stench of (Factory) Failure

Not to get too literal about our malodorous news of late, here’s a story about a Newfoundland town beset with the foulness left behind when a fermented fish factory closed. Fumes from abandoned vats of now 17 year old seafood sauce are wafting over this picturesque maritime berg, and townsfolk are making a stink about it.

Something's Rotten In St. Mary's NL

Lack of Affordable Housing Affecting Job Market

While Canadians hold their noses against the cost of housing these days, a new study shows the link between affordable housing and the labour market. Worker mobility is severely restricted when people can’t afford to move to where the jobs are. This creates labour shortages in major centres. If you’re unemployed and can’t take a job in one of these centres due to the high cost of housing, well that just stinks!

Labour Shortages Caused by Unaffordable Housing

The Smell of Change in the Wind?

Ontarians have long raised a stink about some archaic rules around alcohol in their province. Doug Ford’s recent move to extend the hours of the LCBO is a start at clearing the air, but Ontarians want more. A recent poll finds most Ontarians want to see liquor in grocery stores, beer and wine in corner stores and more privately owned wine emporiums.

Doug Ford's Boozy Proposal Wins Popular Approval

Flu, Round Two

Another “that stinks” story concerns the shortage of flu vaccines in Ontario and Nova Scotia. Parents in these provinces are having difficulty getting flu shots for their babies and toddlers. There are vaccines to go around, their just in the wrong places. Pharmacies have plenty but they can’t vaccinate those under 5 years old and pediatricians have none. Apparently moving these vaccines around isn’t as simple as that may seem.

Flu Shots Inaccessible To The Vulnerable

Do You Smell Pot? Probably.

Yes, people are smoking weed more openly than before, but new figures from StatsCan show that there hasn’t been a dramatic increase in pot use since legalization. So, it seems some of the arguments against legalization were just a lot of hot air.

Pot's Popularity Unchanged

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