MyResolver News Round-up - Containing Our Waste Issues and More

Garbage bins

Stepping in from the cold


We don’t know what the groundhog predicted for your spring, but we are not looking forward to another 6 weeks of the kind of cold we’ve had in the east! However, we are looking forward to the official launch on February 12th and we’re super stoked to being offering our free service, MyResolver, to consumers in Canada. Here’s hoping that wherever you are, spring is just around the corner. In the meantime, count on MyResolver to catch you up on the news.

“Containing” the Growing Plastics Problem

Last week we brought you the story of a group of folks in Calgary working to stop food waste and excess plastics making its way to landfills. Here’s another story for you about a new grocer in Vancouver who is doing away with packaging altogether. It’s a growing trend in Europe too. BYO containers!

Grocer Uses 'Nada" Packaging to Keep a Lid on Waste

Getting “Tanked” on a Plane Has a Whole New Meaning

Airlines are none too happy about waste either, especially if we’re talking about jet fuel. Everyone’s had to chip in for gas at one point or another but what if you were on the hook for $21,000? Read about one unfortunate fellow’s restitution requirement and you won’t begrudge your carpool contributions any more.

Drunk Passenger Must Cough Up Gas Money

Yo Ho Ho and a Settlement Fee

Paying restitution is nothing new, but Canada has just made a change to its copyright laws that affect this concept a little. Now, everyone knows that downloading copyrighted films, TV shows and games without paying for them is wrong and we’re certain nobody who reads this column would engage in piracy. Nonetheless, Canada’s amended rules mean studio violation notices routed through Internet Service Providers to violators, can no longer ask for monetary settlements.

Piracy Still a Copyright Violation, But You Won't Be Asked to Pay

Ticketmaster Probe No Box Office Blockbuster

You may have heard that Canada’s Competition Bureau launched an investigation into Ticketmaster practices when it was alleged they seemed to encourage mass purchases and scalping. We’ve all had the frustration of trying to buy tickets to a hot event and coming up empty. Well, that’s pretty much what the findings of the Bureau were. Instead, they say that provinces must rule on these practices. We’re sure you’ll hear more about this.

Secret Scalpers Secret No More

Super Bowl Fever? You May Need a Doctor’s Note

Speaking of hot events, this past weekend was Super Bowl weekend. Did your team win? How many of you are reading this from home when you should be at work? A recent survey says that a lot of workers call in sick following big games like the Super Bowl. Here’s an interesting piece for workers and companies alike on how events like this cut into productive hours.

When Play Time Is Over, It's Not Always Back To Work

Extreme Weather the New Normal?

While the deep freeze dissipated in time for the Super Bowl in Atlanta, the science headlines tell us that extreme weather is here to stay. Nothing gets Canadians talking more than the weather, but that’s not good news for anybody!

Weather Forecast: More Extremes

Seniors’ Sidewalk Shovel Skirmish

A perfect example of how all this winter snow can affect us, here’s the story of a 71 year old woman who was attacked with a snow shovel by her 61 year old neighbour! Likely not what she had in mind when she start ‘a-salting’ her walkway!

Snow is Clearly Getting on People's Nerves

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