MyResolver News Round-up – Has Everything Gone to the Dogs?

Pugs in a row

More retail woes


Another week gone by, and another week of news carefully curated for you. This week’s Round-up has something for everyone, and includes some important cautionary consumer news. If you’ve got a favourite story you saw this week, or any ideas for helpful consumer articles you’d like to see us cover, let us know at our Twitter account @ResolverCanada. We'd love to hear from you.

Grape Expectations

Apparently, more than a decade ago, some scamp put two halves of a grape in a microwave and turned it on, filming the event for YouTube and sparking questions. The resultant fireworks were unexpected and garnered a lot of attention (and ‘likes’) but now, years later, our friend Science has provided an explanation. And don’t try this at home!

Vintage Video Now Explained as Pinot Plasma

Sensational Selfie Settings

If that last piece didn’t convince you of the power of social media, this one might. Anyone with an Instagram account knows the struggle of providing interesting snaps for your followers. Now, businesses are creating environments that are specifically crafted to capitalize on the constant pursuit of eye-catching self portraits. In fact, a recent restaurant opening in Toronto’s east end features an artsy “Instagram Wall” where patrons are encouraged to pose and tag the establishment on social media. So here’s a piece that tells you were you can take that selfie stick for maximum impact. And be sure to follow @ResolverCanada on Instagram.

If My Friends Could See Me Now!

Are We There Yet?

If travel photos are more your thing on Instagram, there’s never a shortage of cautionary tales about victims of travel scams. Imagine paying thousands of dollars for airline tickets, only to find that your travel agent has cancelled the booking and absconded with your money. That’s the unfortunate story for customers of an unlicensed travel agent in Ontario.

No Ticket To Ride

Canines Provide Treats for Stressed Travellers

For those folks who do manage to successfully book airline travel, Toronto’s Pearson Airport has a new surprise for you. There’s nothing like having your loving dog greet you at the door, but how about one to send you off on your trip? Toronto’s international airport is employing dogs to roam about the terminals and take passengers minds off the travails of travelling these days. We think that’s a doggone great idea!

The "Paws" That Refreshes

Doggy Supply Company Barks Back

More dog tales. Here is a horrendous story of customer service gone wrong. Imagine a business deploying a metaphorical ‘attack dog’ because you dared to complain to them! One woman suffered outrageous insults from a supplier of grassy pee pads for dogs. The company has since offered a full apology, but it seems like a ‘piddling’ settlement for such rabid behaviour.

Outsourcing Customer Abuse

Customer Turbulence at Flare Airlines

There have certainly been a lot of customer complaints against Flare Airlines recently for their decision to cancel several destinations with little notice. Ticketed customers are having to scramble to make alternative arrangements, after being told some destinations are no longer serviced by the airline. While full refunds are being provided, this is cold comfort to those expecting to fly off to warmer climes.

Come Fly with Me (Just Not There)

Another One Bites the Dust

Airlines aren’t the only ones suspending operations. Looks like two big retailers in Canada are closing up shop, once again reminding us that bricks and mortar retail is suffering badly against online shopping. These stories are a ‘heads up’ for those that may hold gift cards for either of these retailers – shop now or lose out.

Payless Shoes Walking Away

“Water, Water, Everywhere”

Lastly we’ll close with a news item that we’ve NEVER seen before and is surely a first. Iceberg Vodka’s CEO David Meyers has reported a rather unusual theft from their Port Union, Newfoundland facility. How and why it was stolen is anyone’s guess but the object of the theft is certainly unique in more ways than one.

Flood of Questions Around Water Theft
Home Outfitters Drawing the Blinds for Good

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