News Round-up - A Cost to Everything

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From Royalty to Loyalty!


In this week’s News Round-up we’ve got everything from Royalty to Loyalty, and the rising costs of many aspects of life in Canada. As well, we’ve got some follow-ups to a few news stories we’ve shared earlier this year and an important fraud alert. We do like to keep you up informed, after all. So let’s dive right in, shall we?

Commuting Costs Aren’t Always Apparent

When it comes to commuting to work, a new StatsCan study based on census data is saying that more Canadians are commuting greater distances now than ever before. As families find less expensive homes in the suburbs, folks have to travel further to work and there’s more to the cost of commuting than filling the tank and keeping up your auto maintenance. What does your commute cost you?

Time is Money When it Comes to Commuting

How Much is That Doggie in the Window? Well, That's Just the Start!

Rover may be ‘man’s best friend’ but there are a lot of costs associated with owning a dog that people don’t necessarily consider when picking out their pooch. Have a look here at the financial toll having a fur baby costs a few different folks across the country. The one clear lesson here? Insurance is the best way to curtail medical costs.

Canine Companion Costs

Accommodation Rental Costs on the Rise

Here’s another example of rising costs in Canada. In last week’s New Round-up (March 4, 2019 Spring is Just Around the Corner), we showed you a story of how more people are choosing to rent a home, rather than enter the real estate market. That increased demand for rental housing is impacting costs and they’re on the rise in all our major centres. With wages fairly stagnant, this is putting the pinch on a many Canadians.

Rental Housing Costs Skyrocket

Fraudster Travel Agent

In a previous Round-up we brought you a story about a shyster travel agent who took people’s money and didn’t make bookings for them (February 25, 2019 Has everything gone to the dogs?) Now here’s the continuation of that story. The agent has been busted and many of the people are getting their money back from their credit card companies. Great news for them! Watch for our article on Credit Card Charge Backs coming March 27, 2019 and learn how to leverage the power of your charge cards in these situations.

Scam Travel Agent Charged by TICO

Seismic Shift in Canada’s Home Markets

Artificial intelligence or not, home sales are slowing in Canada in general and more people are choosing to rent, particularly millennials. The latest economic forecasts for the home market are in and they represent a pretty big departure from the norm. Is Canada seeing a permanent societal shift here or is this a temporary situation?

Trend Toward Renting Continues, Slowing Home Sales

Pizza delivery to Stranded Flight

Some unlucky travellers on an Air Canada flight were diverted this week from Halifax to Fredericton due to poor weather. There, they were held on the tarmac for 8 hours but the pilot of this particular flight took customer service into his own deft hands and found a solution that helped ease passengers stress. Bravo!

Quick Thinking Pilot Avoids Turbulence

Loyalty Points Pay for Education

If you’ve got some Air Canada AeroPlan points hanging around and close to expiring, Suzanne Tyson wants to hear from you. Suzanne is the enterprising CEO of HigherEd Points and she’s found a way to turn unused points into tuition money for cash-strapped students. Read this remarkable story here and don’t let your points to waste!

Unused Loyalty Points are Making a Difference

Hacked Gift Cards

From Loyalty cards to gift cards, here’s a new wrinkle in the gift card business. You may recall our article,The Ins and Outs of Gift Cards back in January. Well this news out of Montreal tells how hackers are stealing value from cards and unsuspecting purchasers of those cards are left high and dry. It seems that Walmart customers are seeing the brunt of this theft, but clearly this could happen anywhere to any card.

Gift Cards Left Worthless

HRM Makes First Instagram Post

And finally, no hacking involved, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II has taken another step into the 21st century by making her first Instagram post! She’s posted a scan of a letter from inventor Charles Babbage to her great, great grandparents Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Although the Royal Family has had the Instagram account for some time, this is the Queen’s first post. Thank you, ma’am!

Letter to Royalty Preserved Forever on Instagram

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