News Round-up - Complaints pile-up

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A quick round-up of consumer news!


Here's our latest news round-up, with our summary of consumer complaints! There is a real variety this week, from construction woes to airlines struggling with their finances.

Ringing the Bell on competition

The Federal Court has issued an order that requires the Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services (CCTS) to release copies of complaints related to Bell's residential services

Bell residential complaints to be released to the Competition Bureau

City of Edmonton infill complaints pile-up

Complaints re. infills are on the rise again, and as the City struggle with limited budgets, wait times for residents are going up.

A growing heap of complaints

Tax return deadline looms, but not for some!

As we all scramble to complete our tax returns, the CRA has written off a massive $133m for one taxpayer. The details are not clear for all to see.

Massive tax return write-off for one individual

Air India facing financial difficulties

Following the suspension of all flights on Jet Airways, there are now reports that fellow Indian airline Air India are facing financial challenges.

Air India's debt is mounting

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