News Round-up - Spring is Just Around The Corner

Spring flower blooming

Sun screen at the ready!


March has arrived and for us Canadians that usually means if we can tough it out for another few weeks, the worst of the winter will soon be behind us. This month also marks the annual March Break, when the population of Canada is (seemingly) reduced by half for a week, as families seek adventure and a sun tan somewhere south of here. Are you heading south this month? Before you go, let’s have a quick look at the headlines this past week.

Winter. Going…Going…Gone?

Firstly, the forecast for spring in Canada is here and it’s looking mighty attractive after the winter most of Canada experienced. We’re in for a sudden change in temperatures later this month and a warmer spring than usual. So before you book those travel plans, you may want to see what’s in store for you right here at home.

Flash Spring Forecast

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Here’s one family that will be glad for spring. It seems this family and the local Humane Society chapter have been inundated with complaints about their cold-loving husky. He’d prefer to be outside on snowy P.E.I. winter days but neighbours can’t seem to leave the issue alone. However well-meaning people may be, the whole affair has this family ‘snowed under’ by protests.

Cold Weather Friend

I Welcome our Robot Overlords

If you’ve decided you can’t wait around for the warmer weather and you’re heading south for March Break, you can check out the newest hospitality team members in several locations in Las Vegas. They don’t accept tips, they don’t take breaks and they do exactly what they’re coded to do. They’re robots… and here’s proof we might all be interacting with them in our everyday living, very soon.

Service Robots Not Sci-Fi Anymore

Artificial Real Estate Intelligence

Closer to home, physical robots aren’t necessary but in a new high tech start-up real estate company, they’re using artificial intelligence to buy and sell homes in Calgary. Using algorithms and focusing on a small cross-section of available homes for sale, “Properly “is a new Institutional Buyer in the city’s real estate market. Is this the future of real estate in Canada?

Start-up Aims to Provide Fast, Stress-free Home Sales

Seismic Shift in Canada’s Home Markets

Artificial intelligence or not, home sales are slowing in Canada in general and more people are choosing to rent, particularly millennials. The latest economic forecasts for the home market are in and they represent a pretty big departure from the norm. Is Canada seeing a permanent societal shift here or is this a temporary situation?

Trend Toward Renting Continues, Slowing Home Sales

Toilet Tissue Threatens Canadian Forests

Whether you own your home or rent makes no difference in our next story. Either way, you and millions of others write “toilet paper” on your shopping lists. The demand for disposable paper products in North America, bathroom tissue chief among them, is posing a very real threat to Canada’s boreal forest where most of the raw material originates. It’s almost incomprehensible that we’re cutting down trees only to flush them down our toilets but no one is anxious to return to alternatives of yesteryear mentioned in this article.

Flushing Away our Forests

Family Loses Phone Service over Text Messages

Texting may be a great way to save paper, but in the case of one Edmonton family, it cost them their phone services. In this article questions arise as to whether Bell adhered to Canada’s new “Wireless Code” when disconnecting a family’s phone service over high billing. In the next few weeks MyResolver will have an entire new section available to provide you information on Canada’s Wireless Code so that you can know your rights in this situation.

Did Bell Ignore New Wireless Code Rights?

Cancelled flights to Delhi

Lastly, this past week, a conflict between India and Pakistan closed Pakistani airspace to all flights. The consequence was that many people were left stranded in several countries due to an airline’s inability to reroute flights. The situation has improved now, but airlines are still playing catch up with stranded travellers. If you experienced a cancelled flight or interrupted travel and have a complaint with the airline, why not use MyResolver to make your complaint? It’s fast and easy to use. And there’s no waiting on hold!

Flights Cancelled Amid Political Strife

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