News Round-up - Time Flies

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But getting towed is no fun...


This past week we marked the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web. As deeply embedded in society as it is, and how often most of us make use of it, it’s surprising to think the internet is such a recent addition to our lives. Even more startling, 4 years after the inception of the web, there were only 130 websites on the internet whereas it is now estimated there are more than 162 million sites! Let’s see what some of those sites have for us in the way of news, shall we?

Smart Choices Reduce Smart Phone Costs

If you had to guess which had been around longer in Canada, the internet or cell phones, what would you say? In fact, we’ve had cell phone service in Canada 4 years longer than we’ve had the internet. From the first Motorola phones that we dubbed “bricks” to our sleek new smart phones, one thing that hasn’t changed is that we’re forever trying to rein in costs. Here’s a great article offering some suggestions for keeping your mobile calling costs down.

Money Saving Solutions for Your Cell Phone

It’s About Time

With a much longer history in Canada than either the internet or cell phones, Daylight Savings Time kicked in this week, bringing the usual debate about its continued necessity. While there are still exceptions to DST in Canada, (almost all of Saskatchewan and several isolated areas across the country) the latest province to consider getting rid of it is British Columbia. Our guess is if one or two more provinces seek this path, the rest of the country will follow suit in short order.

Time May Be Up for DST in BC

Disposing of Disposables

Like the internet, plastics seem to have been with us forever but the popularity of single use plastics really dates to the 1950s. In fact, it is estimated that 8.3 billion metric tons of the stuff has been produced since 1950. Now, Ontario is considering banning certain single use items such as bags, straws and eating utensils to reduce the amount of waste diverted to landfills. We’ve featured several stories here on plastics and it does now seem like the tide is turning.

Rethinking Plastics in Ontario

#Trashtag Challenges Litter Problem

Yes, we have to deal with landfill issues but what about our public trash problem? Do you ever see a bag of garbage on the side of the road and think “who dumped that?” Or drinking cups on the beach? Or chip bags blowing in the streets? Well, the latest trend sweeping social media is…sweeping! Sweeping up trash, that is. Social media is putting the focus on those heroes who are helping solve the litter problem in our public spaces instead of the villains who put it there.

Social Media Tackles Social Ills

Top Shelf Food out of Reach for Many Canadians

When you consider the technological marvels of the internet, computers and cell phones, making proper nutritional food available to everyone seems like something we should be able to do, certainly here in Canada. In one of our January News Round-ups we brought you information on Canada’s new food and nutrition guide. When Dalhousie University surveyed Canadians, they found that awareness of the new food guide was very high at 74% but that a large portion of the population felt the guidelines were unaffordable or culturally incongruent.

Economics and Culture Hamper Food Guide Adoption

Software Bug Prevents Fraud Investigations

When it comes to technology, it appears the federal government is bit like your grandfather when it comes to software. If you can believe it, a software bug that has persisted for nearly a decade has prevented Ottawa from chasing after CPP and OAS overpayments, which are themselves the result of a computer error! Ten years later, the bug is fixed and Ottawa can finally recover our tax dollars in these cases.

Feds Finally Retrieving Lost Dollars

Towing Trolls Plague City of Ottawa

Apparently the City of Ottawa has a big problem on their hands as well. When Toronto established regulations to crack down on unscrupulous tow truck operators, they all scuttled over to Ottawa like cockroaches, where lawlessness in the industry allows them to prey on unsuspecting motorists. Now, residents of Ottawa want an end to the automotive hostage taking that occurs so frequently.

Ottawa Residents Decry Towing Practices

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