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Newspaper stand in Toronto

Has your resolution, or your jumbo jet, already hit the buffers?!


After the holiday season, the reality of New Year’s resolutions are finally taking hold. If, like many, you signed up to a gym and are now having second thoughts, check out our article on what to watch out for and what your rights are with your gym.

What you MUST know when joining a gym

Here’s a few interesting things that happened this week for us in Canada:

Ooooops – look twice when backing out of a parking lot

Especially if you’re driving a 737 plane!!! On Thursday, Jan 3, a Westjet flight heading from Vancouver to Palm Springs backed into a catering truck on its push back from the gate! We suppose it could happen to anyone! What’s so interesting and worthy of a comment is WestJet’s response to immediately blame the ground crew instead of the pilot! What’s that all about? In our opinion, it really doesn’t matter who did it! What matters is the impact to passengers and to get them re-boarded asap and compensated if not. If you ever need help talking to your airline in delay situations, don’t hesitate to use MyResolver

Plane backs into catering truck at Vancouver airport

Artificial intelligence – who’s really in charge?

You know artificial intelligence has hit public awareness when a singer, Taryn Southern, has released an entire album built using AI! It’s called “I AM AI”, and it’s really good! When you dig down into the story though, it’s pretty clear that she hasn’t abandoned the creative process – instead she used AI to create the music, but she then re-arranges it. That makes sense to us at Resolver because that is how we use AI too - we stay in control! We use AI to learn more about the trends that are buried in large data sets of individual complaints, helping businesses and Government to do a better job for the consumer. That helps achieve better outcomes for everyone.

US artist creates album using AI

Two stories about 2 Canadians taking on the world! Each in their own way…

First, a real treat for Canadian tennis fans with Bianca Andreescu at the tender age of 18 upsetting some big names in tennis in the ABS Classic Tennis Tournament this week in New Zealand. She entered the tournament seeded 152 and took second place, beating out seeds 1, 3 and 28! Way to go Bianca from Mississauga!

Bianca Andreescu's incredible run falls just short of the title

And then the intrepid Zayell Johnston who has finally finished what seemed to be a type of New Year’s Resolution to walk across Canada. He logged 11.8 million steps and severely tested his new Fitbit! He averaged 50 kms a day, impressive stuff! Way to go Zayell from Yorkton, SK!

One man's walk across Canada

As you take on 2019 in your own way – at the gym, walking across Canada, or just backing your plane out of your driveway, we encourage you to think about whether you’re being treated fairly. When you suspect you might not be, let MyResolver help you file a complaint. We’ve made the entire process free and easy to use.

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