Weekly News Round-up - get back into the groove!

Record groove

Everyone is slowly getting back into the work groove.


For us at Resolver Canada, that means preparing for our official launch on February 12th! You’ll be hearing a lot more about us after then when we will have our full site up and running in both languages!

After the holiday season, the reality of New Year’s Resolutions is finally taking hold. If, like many, you signed up to a gym and are now having second thoughts, check out our article on what to watch out for and what your rights are.

Here’s a few interesting things that happened this week for us in Canada:

Personal Nutrition Plans

It seems that your DNA dictates how your body uses food, giving rise to the new field of nutrigenomics! (I’m fairly certain I’m genetically predisposed to disliking lima beans!) With a quick saliva swab or hair sample, we could be looking at personally tailored food guides in the near future. In our overall world of bespoke services, why not?

Your DNA May Determine What You Should Eat

Is Canada Over The Rainbow?

And speaking of food, there’s a new report on the complexities of updating Canada’s Food Guide. The latest proposed update is the first in 12 years and it has taken 3 years of consultations. Could this really be the end of our 4 food groups? Will meat and dairy really be lumped together? And what will happen to fruit juices? Stay tuned!

US artist creates album using AI

Communication Breakdown Makes Bad Situation Worse

From food rainbows, to over the rainbow. After a nearly 6 hour wait on the tarmac with little care, passengers found themselves lost in a faraway land when they were bussed to Cancun’s business district and unceremoniously dumped at a budget hotel that had no reservations for them! There’s a new Passenger Bill of Rights on the way, but not in time for this group. Maybe Westjet should show real remorse and compensate based on this new regime?

Westjet Admits Failing Passengers, Badly

Gimme Shelter?

Dumped for a day at a lousy hotel is nothing when compared to being evicted from your home. A new report is predicting a rise in “reno-victions” in 2019. This occurs when a greedy landlord evicts a tenant citing major renovations and then relists the unit at a higher price. The rental market is hotter than ever due to rising home buying cost and this is the result.

Prediction for Canada's 2019 Rental Markets

Plastic Not So Fantastic

Looks like passengers and tenants aren’t the only things being dumped this week. Plastic is back in the news and one U.K. supermarket is showing Canada how to ‘dump’ single-use plastics from grocery stores.

Dumping Plastics

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