Weekly News Round-up - spreading Christmas cheer!

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Spreading Christmas good cheer for Canadian consumers


Squeaky bum time for Resolver. Seriously!

That’s what soccer playing Brits refer to as the tense time in final matches in the race to a league championship. Now it’s being used to describe Brexit negotiations that have a deadline of March 30. It’s the sound of you squirming on your seat with excitement! And now we use it to describe our full site on February 12th, 2019. www.myresolver.ca will have content in both official languages as well as detailed provincial consumer rights where they are different to federally-set rights.

You’re on the site now – we suggest you bookmark it for 2019 so you have it handy for those cases where you need to raise an issue with a Canadian company.

The kindness of strangers

CBC Radio 1 have a new site to capture kindness-of-strangers stories. This week featured a beautiful story of an Australian girl moving to Vancouver – young, anxious, heart broken leaving home and forging out for a new experience, but scared! She remembers an Air Canada flight attendant giving her a contact and a listening ear! A human connection and something she didn’t need to do … but did! It’s a new site on Radio 1 that nurtures kindness as a national trait!

The kindness of strangers

New flight regs just announced!!!

The green light for these regulations were given in May and then for the rest of 2018 they have been the subject of extensive public consultations, resulting in Monday’s announcement on what the Canadian Transportation Agency are proposing. In our opinion they are a step in the right direction to ensure the Canadian passenger has rights, and the industry has a higher standard of accountability. It does still leave us some way behind Europe on some regulations though, so hopefully this isn’t the final chapter.

We say – well done Canada for moving the needle! And when the regulations are final (estimated for summer 2019) you will be able to use www.myresolver.ca to claim compensation. You can already use MyResolver for any issue you have with an airline, even before the new regulations are in place!

New flight regulations for Canadians

Happy Holidays from Canada’s telcos and CRTC!

And while on the theme of recognizing these elusive moments of Corporate good-doing - congratulations to CRTC and Canada’s 3 biggest telcos! This week saw the output of some grown-up discussions to create a low cost data plan for $30! The telcos didn’t wait to be forced by legislation – they all agreed! We hope this show of reasonableness will carry over to review our still vastly over-expensive mobile rates for all other plans! It’s a great start – bravo!

As you can see from this week’s round up, there is reasonableness in corporate Canada, but they have to know what they need to improve, and that comes from Canadians speaking up when they feel like they have been wronged. If you feel you’ve been treated unfairly as a consumer, let MyResolver help you file a complaint. We’ve made the entire process free and easy to use.

Lower cost data plans for Canadians

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