Weekly News Round-up - the season of giving is upon us!

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Winter holidays are coming. Here's our consumer news round-up so you're not left out in the cold!


With many of us making travel plans for the holiday season and perhaps for a winter get-away in the New Year, it’s timely to remember that we are not simply cattle being shuttled about when we book flight. We have rights and airlines have an obligation to respect those rights and operate within the rules of the industry.

Lost Luggage Nightmares

Here’s a timely tale of woe. It seems Air Canada is reluctant to fully inform passengers of their rights when luggage is lost in transit. In fact, this article accuses the airline of out-and-out lying about due compensation for lost articles. Knowing your rights in cases like this is important and you count on MyResolver to keep you informed.

Air Canada Accused of Lying to Avoid Paying for Lost Luggage

I Owe, I Owe, So Off to Work I Go

From literally losing our shirts on airlines to more figuratively losing our shirts to debt, here’s an eye-opening piece on the spike in personal bankruptcies and the average household consumer debt in Canada. With the IMF and other institutions warning of a looming financial crisis, Canadians it seems need to get control of our personal credit spending.

Consumer debt and High Insolvency Rates

It’s The Season of Giving (and Spending)

So what are Canadians spending money on this holiday? A survey by PwC Canada says that men lead the spending charge this year and that most of our holiday budget will be spent on travel. So, we’re racking up debt just to have airlines lose our belongings! Do we ever learn? The study also indicates the difference in spending by generation and some other interesting consumer habits.

Holiday Spending for Canadians 2018

Warranty? What Warranty?

A most egregious situation seems to have arisen regarding customers of now defunct Sears Canada having to continue to pay for warranties that nobody will honour! Scotiabank, who bought the credit accounts from Sears are insisting that they have no obligation to service these extended warranties, but they will send you account account for collection action if you cease to pay the monthly fees. That’s gall! We’re sure we haven’t heard the end of this story. Watch for an upcoming article here on MyResolver regarding extended warranties.

Sears Customers Left Holding the Bag on Extended Warranties

Canadian Food Prices On The Rise

As if the doom and gloom wasn’t dark enough, it seems we’ll all be paying about $400 more for our groceries in 2019. Dalhousie University’s Annual Canada Food Price Report is out and while some items will decrease in price (carnivores among us rejoice!), overall our food prices will increase.

Canada’s Food Price Report 2019

Student Ingenuity Combats High Food Prices

Let’s finish this week’s round-up with heartwarming story of how some students are using their heads (and arms and legs) to figure a way around the high cost of food these days. Waste not, want not!

Students Innovate To Get Around High Food Costs

As you can see from this week’s round up, we’ve got to work harder and harder to protect our money in Canada. If you feel you’ve been treated unfairly as a consumer, let MyResolver help you file a complaint. We’ve made the entire process free and easy to use.

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