Credit cards - Incorrect information provided

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  • A chargeback is when a credit card charge is reversed.
  • You should always try to resolve issues with the original merchant (e.g. the shop you bought something from) before requesting a chargeback.
  • The chargeback process is run by your credit card network (e.g. VISA, Mastercard).
  • Your bank must follow the process, but it does not set the process.
  • Your bank should provide you with clear and timely guidance as to the chargeback process.
  • The information provided should include details of any deadlines that affect you during the process.
  • Information should be provided by your bank in a timely manner.
You should know

Where available we include the Internal Ombudsman of a bank in the escalation process. This is in-line with the FCAC complaints process guidance:

If you already have a final response from your bank that is not to your satifaction, you can choose to escalate for a Third Party Review regardless of whether you have been to the Internal Ombudsman.

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