Find out what 1.4 million Brits complained about last year!

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Resolver have released their annual UK stats. Online shopping complaints continue to grow, while payday loans sees a massive increase. Sound familiar?


Resolver’s users have now made over 3.6 million complaints since the service began in the UK just over four years ago. A record 1.4 million people sought help last year from Resolver – the worlds biggest free complaints website.

Resolver’s latest UK complaint figures provide the clearest and most detailed overview available of the issues that concern the British public. We also think the data shows some interesting comparisons to the stories we've been following here in Canada. Online retail continues to grow on both sides of the pond, and with it come issues with delivery of parcels. Canada is obviously a lot bigger than the UK - so arguably there is more space for deliveries to go wrong!

Here are the highlights:

  • Resolver helped sort out 1,382,566 individual complaints in the last financial year. 
  • Complaints are up by significant volumes in almost every sector. This trend reflects not only a wider awareness of Resolver's free service, but increasing levels of dissatisfaction with customer service when dealing directly with businesses.
  • Huge increases in complaints have been seen across a range of established sectors including package delivery (up 203%), payday loans (419%), ticket sales (216%) unsecured loans (171%) and holiday rentals (e.g. AirBnB, VRBO, etc.) (103%) to name just a few. Twenty-three areas of complaint more than doubled.

James Walker, founder of Resolver said:

"Resolver’s complaint statistics really do reflect the issues that matter most to people throughout the UK. Fundamental changes to the way we shop, speak to each other, eat out or even book a holiday are resulting in whole new areas of complaint as people are driven to seek help with subjects as diverse as package deliveries or point-of-sale credit."

People stay loyal to businesses that listen and care about their concerns

"Yet the people who use Resolver just want businesses to treat them fairly. Preventing people from easily getting help with a problem is resulting in a real consumer backlash against businesses. The solution is simple: businesses need to respond quickly, honestly and effectively. People are more likely to stay loyal to businesses that listen and care about their concerns."

The UK's top twenty biggest areas of complaint
Product, service or sector 2017/18 2018/19 % Change
PPI (payment protection insurance mis-selling) 727195 550468 -24%
Flight delays and airlines 118704 135037 14%
Online shopping 58976 108315 84%
Bricks and Mortar shopping 60007 83386 39%
Mobile phones 28451 44744 57%
Packaged bank accounts 77597 39194 -49%
Restaurants 27756 36761 32%
Package delivery 11664 35339 203%
Payday loans 5500 28543 419%
Take out food 20239 23531 16%
Travel agents 11582 22926 98%
Energy (gas and electricity) 11348 19089 68%
Broadband 13655 19041 39%
Hotels 7991 16131 102%
Credit cards 8932 13917 56%
Film and TV steaming services 6322 13001 106%
Faulty goods 8512 11747 38%
Current accounts 9977 11492 15%
Car dealerships and motor vehicles 7428 10749 45%
Ticket sales (direct and resale) 2615 8186 213%

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