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Sunflower with roots

Even issues with sunflowers have a root cause (sorry, last one!)


As busy as we are at Resolver Canada preparing for our official February 12th launch, we’re never too busy to keep you properly informed. There are a lot of issues facing Canadians these days and the media is replete with stories that illustrate these issues. Have a look at some of these reports, freshly picked from this past week’s news.

A (Plastic) Fork in the Road for Green Movement

Certainly we hear a lot about the Green Movement these days. Electric cars, alternative energies, carbon footprints. Here’s a story about how a group of folks in Calgary are successfully pushing the Zero Waste Movement locally.

Small Changes in Our Waste Habits Can Make a Big Environmental Difference

Importing Weed is Still an Offense

From one green movement to another. Canada’s border officials are reminding folks that despite marijuana’s new legal status, you cannot bring pot into the country. It does seem a bit of a contradiction, and it appears that people are indeed confused by the contradiction. Read here how bringing in some green across the border could cost you some green.

High Times Could Mean High Fines

“Grass” Action Suit Settlement

It’s been reported this week that lawnmower manufacturing defendants in a class action suit are offering a settlement to Canadian consumers. Having duped the public regarding the horsepower of some riding and walk behind gas mowers, there’s some cash available to Canadians who bought some of these machines between 1994 and 2012. Read here to see if you qualify.

Lawnmower Settlement Could Mean Some Green in Your Pocket

Avocados Not So Green

Moving from settlement “cabbage” to avocados, who knew that they were such a thirsty fruit? There’s an environmental cost to growing (and consuming) perennial favourite fruit, the avocado. Turns out it takes many more times the amount of water for that avocado sandwich than it does other nutritious fruits and veggies.

Do Avocados Have a Drinking Problem?

Spiriting Away Spirits among BC Speaker’s Allegations

Hot water seems to be where two of BC Legislature’s officials find themselves. Sergeant-at-Arms Gary Lenz and Clerk of the House Craig James were suspended and escorted from the provincial parliament last November and now Speaker Daryl Plecas has completed his long awaited report on the alleged expense fraud perpetrated by the pair. A truckload of purloined booze is among the allegations in the report which outlines a cocktail of cockamamie expense claims filed by the two.

BC Speaker Alleges Massive Expense Fraud

Generational Cocktail Shakes Up Canadian Business

Imagine one of your colleagues is also your granddad. That’s the kind of age spread you find at the moment in the working population. There’s an unprecedented human resource issue facing Canadian businesses these days, where four generations are represented in the workforce. Mixing Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials and now the first Generation Z cohorts is posing significant challenges to business managers.

A Workforce for the Ages

Same Headaches, Different Transit System

One Canadian business that’s seen its share of challenges of late is Bombardier. Former Toronto Transit chief executive, Andy Byford, thought he’d seen the end of his Bombardier problems when he took over the helm of the New York Transit system. As it happens, he’s now dealing with the same issues of Bombardier’s manufacturing flaws that plagued him in Toronto.

Bombardier Issues Now Challenging NYC Transit Fitness

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

NYC Transit may have some fitness challenges, but reaching our personal fitness goals can be difficult as well. Here’s a great blog post that could help you achieve your New Year’s health and wellness resolutions. There’s a right way to create new habits.

Conquer One Thing at a Time

Van Gogh Unfit for Travel

You think you’ve got fitness issues? One of the versions of van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” masterpiece has been declared ‘unfit for travel’. After a thorough examination, it’s been determined that the nearly 130 year old canvas is at risk if flown around the globe for exhibition. If you want to see this particular piece, you’ll have to fly to Amsterdam yourself. Preserving "Sunflowers" Means Staying Put

Passenger Rights Bill Threatens Air Safety?

And finally, if you find yourself flying around the globe, you’ll be glad to hear of the proposed Passenger Bill of Rights currently in public consultations. But critics of the bill say it doesn’t go far enough in its compensation to passengers and a loophole could create unsafe flying conditions. If you’d like to see the entire text of the proposed bill, you can view it here. If you want to add your voice in this public consultation, comments can be submitted to until February 20, 2019.

How Will Canada's Passenger Bill of Rights Stack Up?

You can count on MyResolver to keep you abreast of the Passenger Bill of Rights as it develops and we’re always a great place to start when you’re looking for consumer information. Have a complaint or claim against a business? MyResolver is free to use and it’s an effective way to exercise your rights.

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