The Canadian customer journey from polite inquirer to warrior!

Modern day Oliver Twist

A story about customer service, and how Resolver can help achieve better outcomes for everyone


We’re all familiar with the scene where Oliver meekly asks for more…. It symbolizes where we are as consumers today … hesitantly interacting with the businesses we have put our trust in. Often we get what we ask for, but sometimes we don’t and then we have to figure out ways to get what we need and our questions answered.

If we find ourselves treated badly, chasing the company down to get answers, feeling like we’re not valued and the relationship has become a “David vs Goliath” …that’s when we start to mobilize.

Here with the help of a few fictional characters is the typical journey from polite inquirer to warrior, today as we experience in Canada:

Stage 1 – Alice in Wonderland

Like Alice, at the beginning of our “Fix-it” journey we are curious and confident that we can fix our own issue. We jump on to YouTube and run a bunch of clips on what we can do and we google incessantly. We even persevere with the FAQ section of our business’s web site in our crusading search for answers.

Stage 2 — Oliver Twist

A little humbled by our inability to do it by ourselves, we reach out to the company to ask for help. Our approach is polite, patient and hopeful. “Please sir…”

Stage 3 - Robin Hood

When our Oliver Twist efforts have failed and we’ve become frustrated, and possibly discounted and humiliated in the process, we now move to a Stage 3 Robin Hood. We elevate our issue to a wider cause for ourselves and for all the other customers around us that share our outrage. We are still hopeful and valiant!

Stage 4 – The Grinch

Grumbling that we are feeling the effects of poor service, of constantly chasing a disinterested company and wrestling with a feeling of being discounted, we tell our story to friends. We post to social media. We write the CEO! In our diatribes, our own efforts are exaggerated and the company’s poor response is spared no mercy.

Stage 5 – Jack Sparrow

And finally, we switch services, but not as a super hero – instead more an antihero. No one, it seems, is mourning the loss of our loyalty and the effort to switch it has taken us. But we feel it’s the only protest left to use and (we hope) a way to get our issues resolved!

But, what if instead:

  • Alice had a good web site to guide her curiosity, telling her about her rights and her options?
  • Oliver was made to feel a more confident that what he was asking for was reasonable?
  • Robin Hood was able to follow his heart and passions within the legal framework rather than outside it?
  • The Grinch had a friend to calm him down and stop him being so grumpy?
  • Jack Sparrow actually had a plan and a road map instead of acting by the seat of his pants?

This is what Resolver does for you. It guides, educates, sets expectations, provides a framework and charts a course for resolution.

And for businesses it helps them to quickly understand your issue, to try to make it as easy as possible to provide the most appropriate responses!

The end result is truly better outcomes for everyone involved – consumers and their businesses.

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