Weekly News Round-up - Canadians left High and Dry?

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US settlement is leaving Canadians high and dry


Here at Resolver Canada, activity continues at an excited pace to prepare for our official February 12th launch. We’re anxious for Canadians to explore our website; both for consumer information and to take advantage of this simple tool to assist everyday consumers handle their complaints with businesses that, frankly, just haven’t toed the line.

US Settlement Leaves Canada High and Dry

Looks like the recent Canada Dry class action suit draws a line in the sand and shuts out Canadians, for now. With this outcome (and the publicity), it’s fairly certain there will be a Canadian legal complaint regarding false advertising.

Class Action Lawsuit Settled in U.S. Will Canada Try?

Air Traffic Controllers Buy Pizza For American Colleagues

In another cross-border story, Canadian Air Traffic controllers sent pizza to their American counterparts in a gesture of fellowship, while the Americans remain unpaid during the government shutdown. In committee, we imagine there were probably also suggestions of poutine, maple syrup and Canadian bacon, so we’re glad they settled on a ‘deep dish’ of neighbourly empathy for their plight.

Sending Some Amore Your Way

A Little Chunk of the U.S. In Canada

Did you know that due to a surveying error in the 1700s there’s a little chunk of Minnesota that is surrounded on three sides by Canada? Folks in the Northwest Angle (or “The Angle” as they refer to it) have to cross the border just to go to the dentist! It’s a geographic curiosity sure to surprise you.

A Part of Minnesota Seems Lost

Magnetic North Is Moving

Sticking with the category of “things that aren’t where they’re supposed to be” the North Pole moves! And it moved faster than they anticipated, putting marine and aviation navigation at risk. So an update is being made, early, to the model.

Remapping Magnetic North

Sellers Listen in on Homebuyers

Navigating the real estate market can be tricky but some sellers are giving themselves an ‘inside edge’. In what is a surprisingly legal move, some sellers are putting potential buyers under surveillance when they visit their home, making video and audio of the viewing available to them. So watch out when you comment on the tacky couch. “Testing one, two. Testing, testing”

Selling Your Home 101: Surveillance?

Mail Order DNA Kit Testing

And now for a story about testing of a different kind. It’s genetically impossible for identical twins to have different DNA profiles, but that’s what’s turning up in mail order DNA kits. The new popularity of DNA mapping for personal use led our clever friends at Marketplace to put these kits to the test. The results may surprise you.

DNA Kits: An Art and a Science?

Taxi Scam in Toronto

Completely unconnected from anything else, we have the story of the continuing taxi scam perpetrated in Toronto. If it’s happening here, it can and will spread elsewhere so it’s always good to be aware and be armed with information.

Some Arrests But Taxi Scam Continues

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