Weekly News Round-up - the countdown to Christmas has begun

Newspaper stand in Toronto

Has the Grinch somehow made his way into our postal system?


Advent is upon us and the countdown to Christmas has begun. But has the Grinch somehow made his way into our postal system? The Federal government ordered postal workers back on the job Tuesday November 27, but Canadians are still seeing disruptions in the flow of the mail.

Postal Delays Continue

If you’re expecting a package that must come through the mail, whether from Aunt Millie in Kamloops or from an on-line retailer, there’s a backlog of deliveries to be made resulting from the 37 day job action by postal workers, but other service unions have taken up the cause, potentially putting the kibosh on your Christmas parcels.

Unions Continue Protests At Mail Depots in Solidarity
Canada Post Warns of Possible Delays

Should You Insure That Package?

If you’re sending expensive items through the mail system, it’s always a good idea to take out insurance on the replacement value of the item. With the potential issues of postal confusion and back-log, here’s a cautionary tale from last week.

Woman Loses Expensive Phone in Mail System, Not Adequately Insured

Car system hacking

And if you thought you could jump in the car and go and buy those things at the mall, will your car be there? Hacking car security systems has become easier and police report record number car thefts in Toronto, but do you know what you can do to protect your vehicle? Could we see a return to the horse drawn sleigh?

Rise in Car Thefts in Toronto Likely Due to Hacking

Dashing Through the Snow

Keeping in the transportation theme, Ontario passed a law in 2016 that requires insurers to discount car insurance for drivers whose vehicles are equipped with proper snow tires. But is the discount worth the expense?

Winter Tires Earn You Mandatory Discount in Ontario

And did you know that in some provinces, seasonal snow tires are mandatory? Get to know your provincial regulations here:

When Winter Tires Are Required In Each Province

Dining out

Everyone enjoys dining out during the holidays. From office dinners to large group parties, here are some timely tips on de-stressing your holiday dining events (for you and your chosen venue).

De-stressing Your Holiday Dining Out Experience

And if you’d like to start training for that huge Christmas feast this year, there’s a tiny Hungarian restaurant that offers a huge platter of meat on their menu. Just the thing to get your tummy conditioned for the turkey extravaganza in a couple of weeks.

Fountain of Meat at Hungarian Restaurant

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